Event update!


12th Annual Bug-O-Rama ICT
Date – 10/16 Time – 8am to 4pm
Location – 6501 W 21st Street, Shelter # 4, Wichita, KS. 67212
Cost – $10 non-judged available on www.bugorama.org available until 10pm on 10/14, then you will have to register in person at 8am on 10/16. $22 judged and available on this link until 10pm on 10/14, then you will have to register in person at 8am on 10/16 https://carshowpro.com/event/732

** Friday and/or Saturday night Dry Camping at the show grounds. CLOSED/SOLD OUT ON 10/1/21. If you signed up and paid please check your spam/email box, you received an email last weekend with detailed instructions about camping at this show. If you have any questions email me at info@bugorama.org or call me at 316-461-2426 and we can discuss. **Don’t forget one of our specialty awards is for “Best Camping Display”, come camp and have fun!

** Vendor & Food Truck, CLOSED/SOLD OUT ON 10/1/21.

** If you are pre-registered before 10/1/21 you may pick up your goodie bag and window card on 10/15 at the show location between 4-6pm ONLY. Then on Saturday morning you can drive in the parking lot straight to our show car entrance, the volunteer will point you in the direction of another volunteer that will park you.

** If you are going to register the day of the show, please pull in our parking area and park, walk over to registration and sign up, then get back in your vehicle and drive to the show car entrance, show the volunteer your window card and they will point you in the direction of another volunteer that will park you.

** If you want to park as a group, you must show up as a group. Everyone will be parked in the order they come through the show car entrance by our volunteers. Please please please be mindful of our volunteers and do what they ask.

** If you are not registered as “judged” or “non-judged” please park in the “Truck, Trailer & Spectator” parking which will be in the grass just west of the concrete parking lot. ONLY paid for vehicles will be allowed in the show area. The whole show grounds area will be barricaded, and there is only 1 way in and 1 way out. If you have an emergency during the event and you need leave please come to the main registration area and a volunteer will help you out of the show area and back to the parking lot to leave safely. There will be a lot of vehicles at this show and we don’t need any issues or damaged caused to others show vehicles.

** All show rules are what you agreed to when you clicked the box when you registered online, they will also be printed on the back side of your window card and there will be a copy taped to the registration table. Any questions direct them to one of the volunteers or to the president of the organization. This is a fundraiser for a 501(c)3 nonprofit please be courteous and respectful or you will be asked to leave.


Next years show date is 10/15/22, same location!!The Hi-fi Hillbillies at Bug-O-Rama ICT! Just booked live music for the upcoming show on 10/16! I’ve always wanted live music at our event! These guys are awesome and will definitely entertain the crowd at our show! Mark your calendar, you don’t want to miss this! Check this out!! #bugoramaictht…